Agiss Hair Remover Spray for Men – 175ml

Agiss Hair Remover Spray for Men – 175ml


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Product details of Agiss Hair Remover Spray for Men – 175ml

  • Agiss Hair Removal Cream Spray cleanses skin with moisture.
  • Instantly exfloliated skin and smoothness that last up to four weeks.
  • Its Special formula you can note the low rate of hair growth gradually.
  • Silky finish with a practical spray solution that Removes hair from the roots and works to block the hair roots feeding so it make the roots disappear gradually.
  • It is enriched with 100% natural ingredients for Normal Binders with a special formula and Cherry flower essence in its content.

Specially produced for women, Agiss Depilatory Spray helps the skin maintaining its moisture balance after use. Calms the skin with its chamomile extract and supports your care by providing the nutrients and Vitamin E your skin needs.

With its special formulation, AGISS depilatory spray helps you to remove even the thinnest hairs fast and easily without pain. Various formulations for different skin types enable every user silky and smooth skin.

The depilatory spray is in normal cream format, is easy to use, appeals to groups of all ages except children, varies according to body types, and can be applied to most parts of the body Shake the bottle before spraying. Can directly be applied to the body.


Specifications of Agiss Hair Remover Spray for Men – 175ml

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    Normal Skin
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