Post-Shave Balm

Post-Shave Balm



Does this cause a burning sensation?

The Post-Shave Balm keeps your skin away from the horror of that fabled burning sensation.

What do Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera & Vitamin E do?

The superfood ingredients in the Post-Shave Balm help in quick healing of the skin after the shave while providing hydration and a cooling effect.

Can I use this on sensitive skin?

Yes, you can apply the balm to sensitive skin. However, if you experience excessive skin irritation post your shave, we recommend that you discontinue use and consult a dermatologist.

Does this contain any SLS or Parabens?

No, the Post-Shave Balm is SLS & Paraben-Free.

Why do I need to follow the regimen?

A regimen involves a customized face prep and post-shave ritual which is designed to take care of your skin. Once you discover the ideal regimen for you, you will observe far better results in terms of shaving experience and skincare.

Does this contain alcohol?

No, the Post-Shave Balm is 100% alcohol-free.

Is the shave really better?

Quality of shave is determined by 5 factors: closeness of the cut, consistency of beard, smoothness of razor, post-shave comfort, and long-term skin quality. However, a shave is a very personal activity and depends on a lot of external and internal parameters. You will need to evaluate across these 5 factors which regimen works for you.



Tired of nicks and cuts? Same. The Post-Shave Balm helps to prepare & protect your skin from nicks, cuts and razor bumps using a signature blend of superfoods ingredients. It creates a lubricating layer that helps soften your hair and skin by holding moisture to allow your razor to smoothly glide across your skin for a smooth shave.


Enriching Vitamin E and soothing Aloe Vera helps calm the skin.

Devoid of any SLS and Parabens to make your grooming experience completely safe and effective.


Heal your skin after the shave with the Post-Shave Balm – designed to leave your skin moisturised and refreshed. Designed to give you an irritation-free, cooling effect. With continued use, you’ll find your skin glowing after every shave.


Pat your face dry after the shave. Squeeze a button-sized dollop of the balm into your palm. Apply it to your face in a gentle, circular motion, making sure to cover every area that you’ve shaved. Don’t forget your under the chin and neck areas.

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